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Saving Your Time & Money With Superior Coatings

According to data presented by The National Remodelers Association, the average cost of replacing a bathtub is $2,000-$3,000. In most cases, the new tub is narrower and doesn’t have the same quality as the original one. Replacing tiled showers could cost $5,000 or more! 

Here at Amazing Glaze Resurfacing, LLC, we use only NAPCO high-quality, durable coatings to help you restore the look and feel of your bathtub, shower, or sink for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Why Resurface Your Tub, Sink, or Tile.

Continuous water flow over the years and regular cleaning processes can cause your tub to become porous and lose its original finish. The accumulation of dirt, grime, and hard water stains inside the pores makes your tub & tile dull and difficult to clean. Scrubbing with abrasive cleaners only wears away the finish and grout lines further.

We apply a new liquid finish coat to improve the aesthetics and durability of your tub and tile while making it easier to clean and maintain. You can also choose our resurfacing services to change the color and feel of your tubs and sinks. With NAPCO color matching system your color choices are unilmited.

Amazing Glaze Resurfacing LLC
Amazing Glaze Resurfacing LLC

Key Benefits of Our Finish

We use only NAPCO eco-friendly products offering less VOC's and lower odors. Our top coats are aliphatic polyurethane base. They are high quailty durable top coats made right here in the USA.

Key Advantages Are: 

  • Resistance to abrasion and scratching
  • Impact resistance
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Color retention
Amazing Glaze Resurfacing LLC


Our NAPCO certified technicians use only the highest quality eco-friendly cleaners, etchers, and top coats. All products are made in the USA and meet federal guidelines for lower VOC's. They are formulated with safety in mind without sacrificing quality or durability.

Care Guidelines for Your New Finish

Please avoid using abrasive cleaners such as Bleach, Comet, Ajax, or even SoftScrub to clean your tub. Dirt and grime should wipe away much easier than before since the new finish will be completely non-porous.

  • For regular cleaning, we recommend you use cleaners that are safe for acrylics, such as Tilex and an Arm and Hammer product called "Scrub Free"
  • Please make sure that your tub dries out completely after each use to prevent water damage to your new finish over time
  • All leaky faucets should be repaired immediately. Also, keep shampoo bottles off the edge of the tub and avoid using rubber mats. Please use a vinyl mat instead and remove the mat from the tub after each use to allow better drying

Don't FALL!!! Anti-Slip Treatments

We can apply a roll-on anti-slip texture or an anti-slip vinyl mat on the bottom of your tub for a small additional fee to make your tub safer. You will also not have to use suction cup bath mats that trap water for long periods, resulting in damage to your new finish over time.

Guarantee Details

Our high-quality coatings are designed to withstand 10-20 years of rigorous use. We provide a 5-year residential or 3-year commercial guarantee against fading, peeling, or crazing.

Amazing Glaze Resurfacing LLC

Bathtubs, Showers & Tile Surrounds

According to estimates presented by The National Remodelers Association, the average cost of replacing a bathtub is $2500. Here at Amazing Glass Resurfacing, we offer resurfacing and recoloring services on tubs, showers, and tile to save your time and money.

Restoring Your Fiberglass or Acrylic Tub

Whether you need professional resurfacing to change the color of your tub or replace the damaged finish with a brand new one, we are here to help. The original finish tends to wear away due to years of regular water flow, causing your tub to become porous.

This leads to the accumulation of dirt and grime inside the pores, making it difficult to clean and maintain your tub. Using abrasive cleaners worsens the situation, resulting in further damage to the original finish. We apply a new coat in liquid form to ensure that your tub is completely non-porous after the process has been completed.

Amazing Glaze Resurfacing LLC

Overview of Our Process

The resurfacing process for most fiberglass or acrylic tubs and surrounds takes 4 to 5 hours. Each project is individual so times may vary, but they are ready to use within 4 hours after we are done. Here is a brief overview of our process:

Deep Cleaning & Deglossing – After a thorough deep clean of the entire surface area, we wet sand the surface to remove the gloss from the original finish. This opens up the pores to facilitate better penetration and bonding of the new finish with the old.

Crack Filling – We fill all significant chips, cracks, or holes in your tub before repeating the cleaning and drying process. We have an inlay available for extra support for cracks that have been caused due to a lack of support underneath the tub or shower. We mask off all the fixtures, hang plastic sheets, and put tarps on the floor, creating a spray booth in the bathroom

Spray Application – A chemical reaction is initiated by mixing a colored resin with a catalyst. The finish coat is applied using a spray system, resulting in a tub that looks better, lasts longer, and cleans easier

Amazing Glaze Resurfacing LLC

Our Guarantee

The new finish is expected to last between 10-20 years of use before the tub would need to be resurfaced. We offer a 5-year residential or 3-year commercial guarantee against peeling, crazing, and fading.

Amazing Repair Services

We have the know-how to repair multiple bath and kitchen surfaces saving you hundreds to thousands on costly replacement.

While we pride ourselves on our flawless finishing workmanship, we may not be able to make the repair completely invisible in all cases. However, it would take several minutes to figure out the exact location and extent of previous damage. We offer repair services for scratches, cracks, rust, chips and holes. We service porcelain, ceramic, acrylic, fiberglass, and steel enamel surfaces. We repair tubs, showers, tile surrounds and sinks so you don’t have to replace them.


  • Retro Vintage Sink Chip Crack Scratch Repair
  • Bathtub Chip Crack Scratch Repair
  • Fiberglass Shower Chip Crack Damage Repair
Amazing Glaze Resurfacing LLC

Procelain, Ceramic & Acrylic 

Our process starts with filling and patching all the chips and cracks. We then sand the damaged area to make the repairs blend with the original finish and find a colored resin of our coating that serves as the best possible match for the color of the bathtub/shower/sink. The resin is then mixed with the catalyst and applied to the damaged area using an airbrush.

Fiberglass Tub & Shower Repair

These units have hollow sections in the walls, front skirt and floor. With just the right amount of pressure or flex, a small crack can lead to a much bigger problem even leaving you with damages from leaks. We offer several solutions for repairing even the most extreme damage to these units. Let us look at it first to offer solutions before replacing it.

Permanent In-Lays: The Smart Solution

For extreme damage to tub and shower floors sometimes our in-lays may be your best choice. They come in white or bone. They are made to withstand the toughest of conditions and will never crack, wear out, or delaminate from the applied surface.

Unique Fusion Process

Most adhesives and glues on the market are not water-resistant or have limited ability to withstand constant pressure. We use a unique fusion process in our inlay system to ensure quality results. Our Inlay system is permanently bonded to the original surface by a chemical process that melts the two substrates together.

The Inlay is computer-designed and custom-fit to each unit. They can be resurfaced along with any tub or shower and sprayed to match your decor or existing unit.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our Inlays come with a lifetime guarantee against cracking or delaminating from your bathtub or shower.

Porcelain, Ceramics, Steel Enamel, Tile

Our Process

Etching & Priming

We pay great attention to the preparatory work to deliver the best results for your resurfacing project. After making sure that your tub is completely clean, we apply a solution to etch the surface thoroughly and remove all the gloss from the original finish. Our etch product has lower VOC's and is less caustic then most in the industry.

Depending on the color and surface type, we apply either a liquid wipe on primer, or a two-part epoxy spray-on primer. 

Crack Filling

We then fill all the chips and cracks before cleaning and drying the tub once again. We mask off all of the fixtures, hang plastic sheets, and put tarps on the floor, creating a spray booth in the bathroom. We also remove worn-out caulks and re-caulk around the top of the tub.

Coat Application

A colored resin is mixed with a catalyst to start the chemical reaction. The new finish begins to harden and is applied to the bathtub using a spray system. It is originally applied in a liquid form to bond with the older surface. All the pores are eventually filled, making your tub completely non-porous.

Process Duration

Our resurfacing process can be completed in less than 4 hours for most bathtubs. Your resurfaced tub will be ready for use 4 hours after we have completed our work.


Every project is different. After detailed conversations about your project including photos, and possibly an in-person visit, we will offer upfront guaranteed pricing on all projects. No frills, no gimmicks! And all projects are backed by a 5-year residential or a 3-year commercial warranty. 

Amazing Glaze Resurfacing LLC

Kitchen & Bath Countertops

Replacing countertops and vanities could cost around 4-5 times the cost of repairing and resurfacing them. Our resurfacing process for kitchen and bath countertops offers a cost-effective alternative to replacement.

All countertops resurfaced by our team are guaranteed and will have the same durability as new countertops. We use NAPCO’s  Flint-Stone ™ premium quality faux granite finish.  Pick from 25 different colors for the right look and feel for your kitchen or bath.

Purpose of Resurfacing

Resurfacing countertops not only cost less than replacement, there is less downtime in the use of your kitchen or bath. There is also less debris and dust in your home.

We will transform your existing countertops with a new one part fast-drying waterborne multi-color coating system. Flint-Stone™ color has exceptional durability providing many years of durable use. Flint-Stone™ may also be used on bathtubs, tile walls, and backsplashes.

How It Works

Sanding – We sand your countertop to etch the surface and remove the gloss from the original finish. The sanding operation opens up microscopic pores on the surface that facilitates better penetration and stronger bonding of the new finish with the older one

Filling – The countertop is thoroughly cleaned and dried once again after filling all the significant chips and holes. We effectively create a spray booth in your kitchen, masking off all the fixtures around the countertop and the sink.

Application – After choosing one of the 25 different colors available to you, Flint-Stone™ finish is sprayed on in multiple layers. The last step is applying a spray on satin or hi-gloss clear coat.

Cost Estimate

The average cost of resurfacing countertops is between $300 and $800 depending on size and repair needed. All variables need to be taken into consideration to determine the pricing accurately. Please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to provide you with a no cost estimate in your home. While we are there you can take a look at our Flint-stone™ samples to choose the color that blends perfectly with your space.

Process Duration

Our resurfacing process for most countertops takes only a few hours to complete but timing is affected by the size of each project. Countertops are ready for light use 4 hours after we are finished and full use after 24 hours.

Caring Tips & Information

We recommend you avoid using abrasive cleaners such as Comet, Ajax, or even SoftScrub to clean your countertop. Since the new finish will be completely non-porous, the dirt and grime will wipe away much easier than before. For regular cleaning purposes, you can use any liquid dish soap with a degreaser. 

Guarantee Details

With proper care and maintenance, we offer a 5 year residential and 3 year commercial guarantee against fading, peeling or crazing.

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